4 reasons why you should do urban farming

In cities, many urban farmers are producing food without using much land. City dwellers can grow various types of crops on rooftops or backyard. It is a very good initiative and you should start doing urban farming in your apartment or house. Here are the reasons why.

Get close to nature

In cities, it is hard to find nature, especially if you are living in apartments. People are used to buying vegetables and fruits from superstores without realizing how they are grown. Urban farming is a way to come close to nature.

Become better neighbor

Making community gardens improves the quality of people’s life. Neighbors start interacting socially and stronger bond is created between people living in the neighborhood.

Go local

You can eat locally grown food that uses up fewer resources and needs less processing. No preservative is needed. The food is fresh and healthy. You can also contribute to the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuel as the food doesn’t need to be transported long distance.

Good for health

Gardening will keep you active. If you are not getting the time to go to the gym or go jogging, gardening can keep you healthy. You will also feel relaxed.

You will learn many things from urban farming. You will know about nutrition, sustainability, etc. Many people have started growing gardens in small spaces and have been successful. You should start your urban farming today!

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