Yep, we’re casual and sell our eggs from our farm stand out of a cooler.  Leave your $5 in the metal lunch box and get ready for some really good, wholesome eggs!

Our chickens are feed a diet of regular layers feed and the equivalent of about two dozen heads of lettuce a day.  That’s a lot of greens!   We’ve had to morph our chicken raising over the years and have landed on an approach that we feel gives a great product equivalent to pasture raised eggs without the chicken trauma we were experiencing.

We did have a flock out on pasture that we kept contained with electric poultry netting.  Worked great until the numerous natural predators out here told all their friends that there was a chicken buffet down at Rolling Bay Farm.  Boy, we were bombarded by raccoons, coyotes and from the air by Eagles.  Loses were very bulky (and ugly).

Now our ladies have a large indoor and outdoor contained coop to meander in.  To make sure they get the greens that help them produce great eggs I feed them our pasture grass and huge amounts of trim from our local grocery store.  “Trim” is a term used by the produce department for the extras from cutting off parts of lettuces and other greens before putting them out on display.  This way our chickens get a varied diet like they would out in the pasture.

Our flock consists of about 50 layers.  They are all red or black sex link that we get as day old chicks and raise here on the farm.

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