About Our Farm

The Rolling Bay Farm Difference!

One of the very few island farms owned, inhabited and worked by one family!

We are a small family run farm on 8.5 acres nestled on Bainbridge Island, WA.  We are building this farm and lifestyle based on our core standards for wonderful, healthy food from humanely raised animals on our homestead.  What does this mean for the produce you purchase?

  • We don’t use antibiotics or hormones
  • All animals have 24-hour access to the sun and whatever is their farmyard habitat (dirt for pigs, pasture for sheep, etc.)
  • We strive for a natural diet while using a sustainable approach for feeding our animals.  This means grains from a local mill, plenty of greens from gardens and stores, bread from a local artisan bakery and other organic and non-organic tidbits
  • All animals are hand raised and nurtured by us on this farm

Farmer Adrienne with Zorro the Guardian Llama

Our family is working hard to maintain the diversified family farm that used to be the norm in our country.  We produce and sell a range of product all done by us.  Meaning, no staff or specialists creating our products.  Currently, we offer for sale:

  • Homemade jams and fruit butter
  • Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!
  • Thanksgiving Day turkeys
  • Hand milled soaps
  • Fine Finnsheep fleeces from raw to carded batts
  • Finnsheep lamb as breeding stock and occasionally as locker lamb

Part of our pleasure of being an artisan, family farm is our ability to share it with our community.  We recently bought some amazing binoculars from Night Vision Optic and love to watch the animals in the pasture.

Our honor stand is open daily and placed right in the hub of our farm.  When you come to visit us you’ll be surrounded by what makes our farm hum; chickens, pigs, sheep, barn cats, rolling pastures and plenty of birdsong.  We look forward to seeing you!

For even more information here is a lovely article written about our farm http://www.soundfood.org/news/buyinglocally/320-rolling-bay-farm.html

We take great pride in being the only farm hands on our farm.  Here’s who does what at our place.  Now you’ll know where your food comes from.

Farmer Mark and one of his babies

By Our Hands – REALLY!

All things chicken – Adrienne is the Chicken Queen.  From day old chick care to egg collection, coop cleaning and feeding that is her job.  The eldest daughter, Bryn, is a Chicken Princess in training.

All things turkey – Mark cares for the turkey poults from day old chicks through the Thanksgiving harvest.  Adrienne helps with the actual turkey processing day.  This is an all day event the Sunday before T-Day.

All things piggy – Mark is the pig man!  From cleaning to feeding, health care, birthing piglets and sow management.

Farmers Ceiling and Bryn and Gunther our Ram

All things sheepy – Adrienne is the shepherdess.  Feeding and pasture rotation, lambing, stall cleaning and shearing management.  Both Caitlin and Bryn gleefully help with lamb feeding.  Adrienne does the fleece skirting and picking before sending to the mill or customers.

All things bee – So far that is Adrienne.  Hoping for our first honey harvest

All things from the earth – Mark is the major mover in the orchard and garden.  From planting to soil enrichment from the compost he creates.  Adrienne, Bryn, and Cailin help with the harvest

Handmade products – Adrienne makes the soap.  All by hand from our lard.  It is a long process!  Mark and Adrienne both make the jams and fruit butter.