Finnsheep Breed

Sold OUT of fleece until the summer!

We’ve decided to focus our sheep activities around the wonderful and versatile Finnsheep breed. This ancient breed has the most amazingly soft fleece! They are small statured and gentle by nature and this makes them easy to handle for the beginner, women and children. I’m looking forward to my girls taking them to 4-H.


Finnsheep also make a lean, lightly flavored locker lamb. But the biggest selling point for me is how prolific they are. “Litters of lambs” is how they do it with most ewes having quads and being able to feed them!

Finnsheep are relatively rare on the West Coast. We’ll be selling our first batch of lambs in the spring and offering them as breeding stock/4-H lambs.  Any unsold lambs will be locker lamb in the fall.

Our first shearing was a huge success!  All fleece was quickly purchased by our local hand spinners.  I was smart enough to hold back one fleece for myself and had it appraised at a local fiber mill.  They were VERY impressed with how fine, soft and crimpy it was.  Go Finnsheep!!!!

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