Finnsheep Triplet Update

So far, the triplets are doing well and we’re beating the odds against preemies and mortality. After four days of wrestling Luann she won’t take to the two white lambs.   Luann is 100% bonded and feeding the smallest black lamb.  And the biggest white lamb is TOTALLY capitalizing on this fact.  He won’t take a bottle feeding anymore since he “steals” milk whenever blackie nurses or when Luann is distracted.

That leaves Blinky; the small white lamb.  He might get the occasional sip from Mama, but he is basically 100% bottle fed.  That is, by hand about 6 times a day because he is so small.

“How small”, you ask?  The average quad Finnsheep lamb weights about 6 ½ pounds.  My smallest triple weighs in at 3 pounds 2 ounces!

The next one up from that about 3 ½ pounds.  The big white lamb is the only normal sized one of the bunch.

The fact that they are all thriving is pretty amazing.  Especially with two bummers.

So what is my action plan?

Leave them all together in a stall for most likely another 2 weeks.  Those babies are small!  Monitor blackie and the big white ram to make sure both are getting enough milk from Luann.

Continue to bottle feed Blinky.  This weekend I’m going to switch over from hand feeding to having milk available round the clock.  That means I’ll have hand fed him for a week and I’ll train him where the bottle is and how to help himself.  That shouldn’t be too hard!

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