Quality of Our Pork and How to Buy It

A Few Quick HighLights

  • Our pigs are fed high quality grain from a local mill, veggies from our garden and the local grocery store and tidbits from an island bakery
  • They are free to run, root around, wallow in the mud and bask in the sun
  • They are antibiotic and hormone free
  • Our pork is delicious, tender and moist
  • Now also available as USDA pork by the pound at our farm stand

Our Pigs

We are thrilled to have our two sows.  Black Betty is 100% Berkshire and Red Rosie is a  Duroc/Berkshire cross.  We are super excited to have Berkshire sows since it speaks to our desire to breed heritage animals and offer premium meats. We love Betty and Rosie and they are part of our farm family and the main stock for all things piggy.  Ms. Betty is the nicest pig you’ll ever meet and is an excellent mother to her piglets.  Ms. Rosie is a little more stand off-ish but an equally good mom.

Here is a little history on the breeds and what to expect from the meat.

Durocs are red pigs with drooping ears. They are the second most recorded breed of swine in the United States and a major breed in many other countries. In 1812, early

“Red  Hogs” were bred in New York and New Jersey. Large litters and the ability to gain quickly were characteristics Durocs possessed from the beginning.  Their advantage in muscle quality combined with their well-established ability to grow fast has positioned the Duroc breed as one of the standards for farmers.

Berkshires – Three hundred years ago – so legend has it – the Berkshire hog was discovered by Oliver Cromwell’s army.  After the war these veterans carried the news of the wonderful hogs of Berks throughout the world.  The excellent carcass quality of the Berkshire hog made it a favorite with the upper class of English farmers. For years the Royal Family kept a large Berkshire herd at Windsor Castle.

Purebred Berkshire pigs produce chops, roasts and other pork cuts that are well marbled and consistently sweet, tender and juicy. Berkshire pork receives a premium status due to its superior eating qualities.

How To Buy Rolling Bay Farm Pork

  • Soon you will be able to buy our delicious pork USDA approved by the pound from our farm stand.  We also sell by the whole or half hog.  Read below for more details!
  • We sell by  HANGING WEIGHT or the amount the pig weighs when it arrives at the butcher with its head and internal organs are removed.
  • You pay the farm a price per pound for the hanging weight of the hog and the butcher a separate fee for slaughter and to cut & wrap your order.   Typical butcher fees are about $1/lb of the hanging weight.
  • Whole-hog hanging weight is approximately 160-230 lbs.
  • 180-pound pig (hanging weight) may include approximately 64 half-inch pork chops, 20 half-inch steaks, 4 roasts, 2 rib racks, 14 lbs. sausage/ground meat, and 56 lbs. ham/bacon & 4 hocks. This is an approximation.
  • You may request other parts of your pig, i.e., soup bones, lard, organs.
  • Don’t panic ….we will help review cut options with you to clarify your custom needs and ensure you get what you want such as additional ground meat, fresh or smoked hams, more ribs or less bacon, spices in the sausage, etc. It’s your choice!


Rolling Bay Farm’s hanging weight price is $3.50 per pound for Duroc/Berk cross and $4.50 lb for the Berkshires.  Add to this your custom order butcher fees (typically $1/lb).

Contact us at info@rollingbayfarm.com

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