Sheep Shearing Day

Today was the fall sheep shearing for our Finnsheep flock.  But preparation started yesterday. The sheep need to be dry for a good shearing so I had to round up the flock and convince them that going into the barn would be a great idea!  When my flock was smaller I could get them all comfortably into one stall.

Lady Lamb Being Sheared

This is no longer the case so I put hay in a manger and waited for about half of the flock to file in and then I closed the door.  That left 2 ewes, 1 ram and a llama.  The llama and ram walked into the next stall and I closed the door on them.  Gunther immediately started to butt Zorro pretty hard.  OK, that was not going to work.  Poor Zorro  couldn’t take an overnight with Gunther behaving this way.  So I opened the door and they both came out.  I tried to stop Gunther and he went one way and my hand holding him the other and SNAP – I broke a finger.

OK – not good!! But it didn’t hurt too much yet so I wrangled and wrestled to get the three last and most ornery sheep into the final stall.  I decided that Zorro would get a pass on shearing.

Now I looked at my hand and my finger that looked like a swollen and crooked sausage that was starting to HURT and KNEW I had broken it.  I told Mark and hopped into the car a drove to the clinic to get it x-rayed and set.

Shearing day went great!  We had about 5 families come out to watch and take pictures and learn a little bit about farm life.  The fleece quality was lovely.  I’m keeping our black ewe fleece, a piebald fleece and one white fleece.  One white fleece I sold to a local spinner.  Gunther, a white fleece and my one lamb fleece are all going to the owner of our local fleece and fiber store The Artful Ewe  Heidi will be using these lovely fleeces for her own private stock and projects.  I can hardly wait to see what she does!

Now all the fleeces are drying on a table in an empty stall.  After they are dry I’ll skirt them and pick out the largest vegation matter and either send them to the small mill I use or deliver them to our buyers.

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