Top 3 sustainable farming techniques

Sustainable farming can provide high yield using natural resources. Sustainable farming avoids using pesticides and fertilizers. So, they save money and protect the future productivity. Many farmers are using these techniques for farming. Here are top 3 sustainable farming techniques.

Crop rotation

Crop rotation means growing different crops in succession. This stops putting same kinds of plants every year. It is a great solution for pest problems. Pests have preferences for certain food. When the same food isn’t grown all the time, it reduces their food supply. So, you will eventually break the pest reproduction cycles.

Soil enrichment

Healthy soil will produce better crops. Good soil contains some beneficial microbes that are often killed by pesticides. Good soil can improve production. You should maintain good quality soil by leaving crop residues after harvest, adding animal manure, and other ways.

Natural pest predators

The farm is an ecosystem. There are natural pest predators like birds, spiders, insects, etc. You can manage farms in a way so that you there are natural pest predators. This will help you to control pests naturally, without the use of pesticides. So, you will grow fresh and healthy crops that won’t have any negative health effects.

These sustainable farming techniques will help you to grow good crops that are fresh, healthy and rich in nutrients. You will stay healthy by eating these foods. Farmers should be encouraged to apply these sustainable farming techniques in their land and people should be motivated to buy crops that are grown using these techniques.

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