Top 5 reasons to start eating organic foods

Nowadays you will find the word ‘organic’ in many grocery store aisles and even in restaurant menus. Organic foods are healthier and here are the reasons why you should start eating organic foods.

No pesticide residue

The non-organic vegetables and fruits contain residue from pesticides. About 12 kinds of synthetic pesticides are applied to crops by conventional farmers. So, a normal serving of fruits and vegetables can contain three to four residues of pesticides. These residues cause serious diseases like obesity, autism and even cancer.

Better nutrition

Organic foods are nutritious. It is important to get nutrients from your food. Some studies indicate that nutrient value is less in non-organic foods. Organic fruits are brighter in color and taste better. This is because organic foods are grown in soil that is managed using sustainable ways.


Many countries have banned the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in growing foods. These foods are grown unnaturally. Organic foods don’t have GMOs.

Preserve environment

Organic agriculture takes into account the long-term impact of growing food on the environment. Farmers who grow organic food ensure that the soil remains nutrient-rich and fertile for a long time. No synthetic fertilizer or pesticides are used.

Support local farmers

By buying organic foods, you will be supporting the local farmers. Due to the competition, small farms often have trouble competing with the big ones. So, the local farmers will benefit if you start buying organic food.

Organic foods are much healthy and they have grown in an environment-friendly manner. You should avoid eating non-organic food to avoid many serious diseases.

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