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We welcome articles and stories related to food or farming. So, if you are passionate about farming and you have a few years of writing experience, then you can write for us. The farming industry is huge and there are lots of things to know about it. In this blog, we want to share the stories of nutritionists, researchers, chefs, veterinarians, and others involved in this industry. That’s why your contribution will really enrich our blog. Besides writing articles for us, we also want you to comment on our blog posts.


We have some strict guidelines that you must adhere to. You should remember that your articles will be reviewed by our team and a decision will be made on whether it will be posted on our blog or not. You must follow the following guidelines when writing your articles.

• You should avoid writing any commercial or advertorial content.
• You are not allowed to use any abusive or obscene words.
• We do not accept any copied material; so, your writing should be absolutely plagiarism-free.
• Your article must be related to farming and food.
• The length of your articles should not exceed 1500 words.
• We expect you to check for any grammatical errors before submission.
• You are encouraged to include images with your articles.
• You must include a short author biography and a link to your website.

It is a great opportunity for you to showcase your writing skills. You will get lots of audiences to read your articles and will be able to divert some of them to your own site. We hope to hear from you soon.